First time home owner... need help (kitchen)!!

Paige Kakert
5 years ago

I dive in, please know I am only 22 and on a super budget. Yesterday I
posted pictures of the kitchen in the 1934 home I am about to purchase
but I wasn't very clear in my description. I am NOT going to demo any
part of this kitchen and I am NOT able to tear down any walls are tear
off any tile. I am looking for solutions that don't involve any of that.
I'm lucky to have a handy Dad who is going to drop in a new counter top
for me and help me *update* the cabinets... not tear out. The kitchen
is pretty decent for it's age. However, I need these old paint layered
yellow tiles to be out of sight! I already have a plan for the white
tile around the countertop, my issue is the yellow tile on the walls.
Looks OK from pictures but is in bad shape. Please... solutions without
tearing out or stripping paint?? Something I can put over them?

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