Advice on books on design

4 years ago

Sometimes I indulge myself and buy more books-I collect them..well I also take books from the library of course, but some, I over several years I have quite a few. Now I usually indulge myself in April(strange, I know))

So there are several that I'm looking at. Namely, three I want the most. But I want to choose..let's say two. To keep it under some control.

So, if someone read the following and can give me some I can decide, you'd be really helpful. For my budget. I read all the reviews and still can't decide.

The books I'm looking at are:

Amelia Handegan "Rooms"

Lorraine Kirke "Would you like to see the house?"

and Ken Fulk, "Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World"

Which of these would you recommend? Or which one you maybe read and loved?

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