Valspar vs Benjamin Moore

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Our new house was professionally painted, using Valspar paint. We are now finishing some basement bedrooms and want to use the same/similar colors. Our local hardware store sells only Benjamin Moore, so we brought in one of the spare cans of the Valspar. They have a computer which can color match any major brand. We decided on BM Aura, even though it was more expensive than Regal. The hardware store shook up our old Valspar paint, and then one gallon of their Aura. Upon getting home, we decided to use up the old paint on a less visible part, and then the Aura on the remainder. The Aura actually performed worse - poorer coverage, more splattering and more negative edge effect. We are thinking about switching back to the Valspar for the rest of the rooms, but would like comments here. One problem is that the nearest dealer which carries Valspar (Lowes) is an hour drive away, and we wanted to support the local store. Thank you.

PS in both cases, this is the first coat on unprimed drywall.

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