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New to building a custom home

6 years ago


Apr 04, 2017 5:09 pm

Hey guys I apologize beforehand if this topic I've created is in the wrong section or if I am being "noobish" in posting this when there may be other available areas in the forum that answers all the questions I am about to ask. I was hoping some of you more experienced guys/girls or even those currently going through the process right now could tell me how much I should expect to spend when building a home and what should I plan for ahead of time. I have read some articles online however they don't really give me what I am looking for. I'm currently a separated vet 6 years in the Air Force so I am eligible for a VA Loan with a 2 year old daughter my girlfriend is also a veteran and is currently serving in the Navy. Currently are savings are minimal, however I was able to secure a job as a contractor in Afghanistan and will be able to save between 100k-115k this year. After this year I plan on moving back to Florida with my girlfriend and daughter and carry out our plan of saving 50k per year for the next four years which would hopefully bring our savings up to 300k or around that figure. She plans on leaving the service and we would like to build our very own home in an area close to San Diego but not directly in it maybe 30-40 minutes out. We will have a annual income of 60-70k a year ( and this is being very minimalistic if we both get the jobs we are capable of getting it may be more than this). Do you guys have any information that could help us make a smart and wise decision based off the information I have provided. Thank you guys so much in advance for any information you can provide and sorry for the slur of information let me know if there is any additional information you may need I know I didn't give nearly as much as I probably should have

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