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How much is too much to spend on a kitchen remodel?

5 years ago

I am looking to start a kitchen renovation project and I’m running into some issues with costs. Our kitchen is probably 20 years old and looks really outdated. The addition that was added to the kitchen has a 6.5 foot ceiling, so one part is 7 feet, while the other is 6.5 feet. Because of the house settling, there’s an extreme slope to the floor and ceiling. So bad the tiles are lifting and cracking and the ceiling is cracking as well (we had this checked and fixed a while ago, so there should be no major structural issues but the cosmetic damage is still there). The problem is, after pricing everything out, the total price would be around $50,000 which doesn’t seem worth it for this type of house (it’s a small little ranch worth about $260,000, definitely not our dream home). We could cut maybe a couple thousand by painting ourselves or not replacing the window, but little things like that don’t add up to make that much of a difference. We’d like to cut off around 10 grand.

My question is, what’s worth it to redo and what’s worth it to keep? How bad would it be if we kept the uneven, cracking ceiling and skipped the recessed lights? The cabinets and counter tops are nothing fancy, basic mid-quality products. We didn’t add in any high end glass cabinets or under cabinet lighting or anything. It’s basically just leveling out the ceiling and adding recessed lights, leveling out and adding a new floor (tile), and installing the cabinets and counter tops (appliances are staying). Due to the construction needed for the floor and ceiling, there’s not much we could cut out or cheapen up. I know kitchens are huge selling points, but for a house worth $260,000, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to spend $50,000 on this renovation. Anyone have some thoughts on this? Is there any way to cut some costs without it having look half finished?

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