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Why are my cacti growing skinny antenna-like limbs and what do I do?

6 years ago

My prickly pear cactus a few months ago lost 3 of 5 big stalks I'm assuming to rot (they got mushy and fell off when I poked them) and then started growing a limb that I can only beat describe as a skinny, floppy antenna. The weight of it eventually made my cactus flop over so it looked like a Z shape from the side. I've supported it by a rod like you would with a tomato plant and moved it near a bigger window, but now my other cactus (different kind) has started doing the same thing. The only helpful information I've been able to find (for very different looking elongations and stretching in cacti) says lack of light. But should I cut it off and pot it on its own to grow it into a new cactus? Will it ever fatten up like the other pads?

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