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Last minute cabinet size check

Hi, I'm trying to finalize a cabinet order but I'm immobilized by indecision and I need some advice. We're nearing the end of a lengthy a whole house remodel. (We did not hire a kitchen designer, that's probably obvious!) The kitchen is "built", finally ready to place the cabinet order. I thought my mind was made up months ago, I have the order all prepared, now I'm doubting myself and can't proceed.

We're re-using some cabinets from our previous kitchen, but mostly we're getting new Barker cabinets so we can be flexible with the measurements.

Please see my images below.I hope I've given enough info :) and I hope you'll forgive my amateur drawing. I'm not very skillful with the program and I never expected to show it to anyone.


1: Upper cabinets. Unfortunately my program doesn't give me easy reach cabinets! But for the upper corner (R of the window) I planned an asymmetrical ez reach: 30" on the window wall x 24" on the stove wall, which would give me a 30" to the left of the range hood (which will be enclosed, I didn't draw that), 30" to the right of the hood, leaving 24" for the dish display w open shelves.

Would it look better if the easy reach was 30x30, the cabs flanking the hood each 24", and dish cabinet 30"? I feel that the cabinets flanking the hood should be the same size, but I could be persuaded otherwise.

2: Upper cabinets, above sink. I've left 6" open on either side of the window, how does that look to you? It's the only window and I want to avoid a tunnel like feel.

3: Base cabinets, sink wall. The window is off-center by an inch. The space to the left of the window is 35", to the right is 36". The window is 35". The sink will be centered under the window, the sink cabinet is 31" but we could tweak that (custom sized farmhouse soapstone sink).

Presently I have a 12" cabinet, 24" dw, 1" spacer, 31" sink, 2" spacer, 36x36 corner cabinet. Would you bother to shrink the 12" cab by an inch or extend the corner cab by an inch so that the spacers on either side of the sink are even? I'm obsessing over that inch, my husband thinks I'm crazy.

Thank you for your guidance!

Ground floor drawing - small room within the kitchen is a walk in pantry, size dictated by pipes (gas, water, sewage). Room above kitchen is dining. Room to the right isn't fully drawn, there are stairs up & down, it will be mudroom, storage, bathroom. There are some weird structural challenges that are not well displayed, but suffice to say that no walls or windows are moving at this point.

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