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Do my walls need to be plastered?

Debbie T
6 years ago

Hi! I bought a house a few months back, it was built it 2003, Scotland. The internal walls are not brick but instead plasterboard (I presume?!). Anyway, not knowing much I presumed it was just straight up wall, no paper. My dad painted all my internal walls so I didn't really see them close up. But now I've started spotting bits of paper peeling around the edges and seams, it's so annoying!! It the plasterboard coated with some kind of fine, plain paper? Can I glue the edges down or do I need to strip it off? If I strip it off will my walls need skimmed (plastered?) I'm sorry to be so dense on this subject but it looks really messy and I want to fix it. I'm about 99% sure my dad will know the answer to this but I can just imagine his face if he's done all the painting and now I want to strip it off! Thanks so much for any advice.

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