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New meyer lemon tree looking sad, curled leaves

Shilpa Mody
5 years ago

Hi there, I'm new at gardening and looking for some advice on my new meyer lemon tree. I bought it at Home Depot 2-3 weeks ago, planted it in a large container (approx 14" diameter) in an organic sandy citrus/cactus potting mix that the garden guy recommended. It gets about 6 hours of sun (will be more in the summer when the sun is higher), and I've watered it thoroughly about 2x per week (when it seems dry a couple inches down).

My concern is that almost all of the leaves are aggressively curled down - they have been like this since I bought it, but it has not improved. A few of the leaves near the bottom are also yellowing, and one area has some white/damaged spots (these were here when I got it and doesn't seem to be getting worse). There are plenty of new leaves and flower buds coming in, but the new leaves look kind of bumpy (not sure if this is normal?). I looked for signs of insects under the leaves but don't see anything. Any thoughts? Over/under-watering? Needs nutrients (I just bought some Foliage Pro but haven't used it yet)? A pest that I haven't detected? Something else?


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