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Advice please with kitchen hardware placement

Kisa Valenti
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I could really use some advice on where to place the vertical pulls on my upper cabinet doors and the few base cabinets that have doors, rather than drawers. My kitchen is contemporary. The Milano cabinets have slab doors and the pulls
are Schaub Classico. I have read that with slab cabinets, the pull should be 2 ½" from the
bottom edge and 1 ½" from the opening edge. My husband is using a
template, which set the bottom of the pull at just 1 ¼" from the bottom
edge. He has already put one pull on and placed it 1" from the opening
side edge. I can't decide if this is okay or not. I would have
preferred it to be a closer to the 2 ½" and 1 ½" advised, but he did this while I
was out. Should we continue with the same placement for the other
cabinets? Or should we go to the expense of ordering a new door? I
don't know what that would cost, but we paid a fortune for this
custom-made Plain and Fancy cabinetry, so I think even one door will be
costly. Still better to pay that than spoil the look of the whole
kitchen. I'm posting a stock photos of the hardware and cabinet, but I
will add photos of our own work-in-progress kitchen later.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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