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Hoya Calycina leaves turning yellow. Please help!

7 years ago

My Hoya Calycina had a big leaf turn yellow about a month ago. Not knowing how to fix it, I pulled it off because everything else seemed healthy.

It had been perfect from then until now when another smaller leaf has turned the same yellow. The leaf is still firm and so seems healthy apart from the yellow colour.

I only water when the soil has dried out a bit so I don't think overwatering is it (but let me know if you disagree). I have fertilised once before, a few months ago. Should I do this again? Or should I use Seasol?

i have tried to read up about it and seems potentially the soil is too alkaline or too acidic? Or there are not enough nutrients? Or maybe it has been too cold? (About 20°C)

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I love this plant! Thank you

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