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April FOTESS: A Bee In Your Bonnet

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

A bee in one's bonnet: A strange idea
or notion; also, an idea that is harped on, an obsession. For
example, Bill's got a bee in his bonnet about burglars; he's
always imagining strange noises.
This term, which replaced the
earlier have bees in one's head, transfers the buzzing of a
bee inside one's hat to a weird idea in one's head. [Second half of
1600s ]


Spring is here! Bees are buzzing around
the gardens, sipping on the nectar of our first blooms. And Easter is
just around the corner, with its tradition of bonnets. Although the
“bee in your bonnet” idiom doesn't directly relate to spring or
Easter, it does evoke images that fit perfectly with the season. It
makes me think of a lady in an Easter bonnet every time I hear it!
And let's face it, we've all got a bee in our bonnet when it comes to

This month you will be sending your
partner 5 packs of seeds:

  1. Something you're obsessed with.
    Please include a note telling your partner why you are so obsessed
    with this plant.
  2. Something for the bees.
  3. Something pretty enough to wear in
    a bonnet.
  4. Something related to Easter. You
    can use your imagination for this. If it's not obvious, please let
    your partner know how it reminds you of Easter. (Easter Egg Radish,
    Carrots, Easter Lily, something with pastel colors, etc)
  5. Something that has been cultivated
    for a long time. Just as I supplied you with the origin of the
    idiom, I would like you to include a note telling your partner when
    that plant first came into cultivation. (Don't leave off the date,
    it will be your entry into a game at the end of the month).

Please sign up by the 7th. I
will post partners on the 8th. Mail by the 24th,
so that everyone receives their packet before the end of the month.
Once you receive your packet, please post the plant and date of
cultivation that your partner sent for pack #5. I will be using that
information to determine one last prize winner for the month.

*** Please note: All participants
must be members of FOTESS (Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps). If you
are not a member but would like to find out more, please contact
sandlapper_rose (Jeanne) or sjc48 (Shirley). ***

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