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Looking for feedback - new house plans

nhb_6 ( she/her)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Long time lurker, first time poster looking for help with our future house.

There are 2 of us. No kids but planning for long visits by extended family that includes kids. Very informal in living and entertaining. We have some serious hobbies - that's why you see dance studio and large media/gaming room in the basement :)

We are building in a suburban, relatively long and narrow lot in northern Wisconsin. House faces east. We are trying to capture as much of the southern exposure as makes sense but due to the shape of the lot and best view to the West you can see that we have significant glazing to the west. We are hoping that positives of great sunsets and more sun during our long winter will outweigh winter storms coming from the northwest and having to manage western sun exposure during our short and relatively cool summers. We are very interested to hear from anybody with similar climate what they think about that.

First of all, let's get garage question out of the way :) I think I've read majority of the discussions here on snout garages and I appreciate and respect expressed opinions but reduced amount of snow shoveling outweighs it for us. So garage stays where it is :) but if there are any suggestions on making it less offensive looking I am all ears!

As far as our design sensibilities go we are both engineers so the function speaks to us first before looks. That being said we tend to like simple, clean lines - contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian both inside and out.

Design is not final yet but is at the point where it feels right to us with a few questions. One thing is not formally on the papers yet is exact house placement and landscaping design but we've discussed it a fair amount. For the sake of trying to stay brief l'll omit landscaping but please let me know if you have question about it. I am including plot image with approximate placement hoping that it should help with getting a feel on how house connects to the outside.

There are 2 reasons I am posting. First is to get general feedback on anything we might have missed, things that could be improved , or any negatives you can see. Even though it seems mostly right to us I'd like to know what problems you see so that we can either fix them or at least evaluate how much it would bother us ( or not :)

The second reason is a feedback on couple of specific questions:

We are trying to decide what door(s) should we have in master bath: pocket, regular swing door or double door ( narrow doors with regular opening) as shown on the attached plan. I am leaning toward regular door that swings in along the tub. In this case I'd probably move it up and have one longer linen closet instead of 2. What would you choose?

Another question is how we could utilize the hall leading to the first floor bedrooms besides maybe putting there some nice piece of storage furniture or a built in along the master closet wall for "living room staff" like board games, extra pillows, blankets, etc. Also the current plan for the furniture space on the other side of the door to the master "wing" is to have mirror for doing hair and makeup. I am usually pretty minimal with that stuff and do not need seating for it. In addition I'd like to have some shallow shelving unit there for scarfs, bags, other staff that you grab on the way out . I am hoping that 5' width will work. What do you think?

Thank you to everybody who finished reading all this and big thank you in advance to anybody who is willing to spend time helping us !

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