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Good bye 1980's kitchen and rest of house!

Marcia Boyce
6 years ago

Last summer I posted looking for advice on remodeling on a budget for a dated 1980's house my son had just purchased with his girlfriend. For the life of me I can't find that thread.. but wanted to give an update. My husband and I helped coordinate most of the remodel because we are both semi- retired, so have a lot more time than they do! We have also built three homes and enjoy the process!

In that post.. many said for them to live with the kitchen the way it was for a while since I said this probably isn't their forever house( but it might be now!) , others suggested to paint the cabinets.. but that really was not an option. In the before picture, which was a realtor picture.. it looks much better ( and bigger!) than it did in person!

At first they were going to go with IKEA.. long story short, paid for the 199 design visit that was less than useless.. got a list of 10 pages of parts and prices.. some that were needed and others not! I made a rant on FB about the whole ordeal, heard from an acquaintance in our town who had just started selling Wellborn Cabinets. We went with her. Cost was about 500 more than IKEA. but we didn't have to put them together!!!! The IKEA quote for assembly and install was 2200. We weren't going to have them do it, but asked for the cost. ( if anyone wants to read the whole IKEA story, I posted a Yelp review - IKEA Bolingbrook, Il)

The cost of this kitchen completed was just less than 8500, not including the new floor, which they did on the whole lower lever or appliances, the existing were acceptable. Roughly 5K for cabinets, 3k for quartz counter & sink including waterfall edge on peninsula, 300 for new range hood, 100 for hardware. And we sold the existing granite for 750$. The old cabinets we could have sold, but kept for garage and basement.

We actually did the whole house (2100sf) remodel for 35K. This included almost all new windows, (2K on sale from Lowes + additional 15% off ) all new flooring, hardwood on first floor,(3500) carpet on 2nd,(2K) new kitchen,(8500) new master bath,(4K), new powder room, all new trim 1st floor, some 2nd floor all new interior doors, new light fixtures, plumbing, new front door and whole interior painted. Half of the labor was DIY ( gutting the house, all the painting, all tile work, We paid about 5K to local handymen to help with some items, drywall, enlarging wall openings, electrician, and had custom built ins around the FR fireplace done, We bought the windows at Lowes, but paid another handyman to install them.

The original budget was 25K, but that did not include new windows, after closing we found most were way worse than we thought, and did not include hardwood floors. Part of the downstairs was already hardwood, we were going to refinish and match, but found the existing hardwood was installed over 2 layers of laminate, that was warping.. all the old hardwood had to go. Then we were going to DIY wood laminate for a cost of 1800, but my husband hated the way it looked.. even though its not his house! And pitched in the extra(3k) to get the real wood and have it installed.

This was a short sale house, they got a great deal on in a great neighborhood, so even with the 35K investment, the total investment is still 40-50K less than what other homes are selling for, and without doubt this is the most updated!

Didn't get the pictures in order, obviously the middle is before!

I know this is a kitchen board, but here is the before and after of the family room as well. Took out the doors to the LR and made the opening larger. Cabinet bottoms are same as in the kitchen, then we paid to have the uppers built along with a new fireplace surround.

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