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New Calathea lancifolia help (rattlesnake plant)

I've had this beautiful new plant for a week now and it's just now today started showing some brown spots and holes in a few leaves like they were burned through. I replanted it in lady bug soil after bringing it home and have watered it. It's in a sunny room but away from the windows. I'm in Houston so it's pretty humid here, I also mist the plant daily. My pot doesn't have drainage holes, and I used tap water to water it After reading a few posts I've read that the tap water can be bad for the plant and it's hard to know if it's properly watered without holes. The first picture shows the worst damage and the second picture was taken in the evening when the plant was tighter together. It's usually more spread out in the mornings. From the pictures does anyone know what the problem might be?!?

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