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TINY box of a master bedroom progress and make over!

7 years ago

I am not exactly sure the size of my master bedroom. But it's been a work in progress! I wanted to show everyone and any advice welcome. :) Keep in mind we are painting. I also want three 26 inch Euro pillows. I also am thinking of adding two navy curtains to the mix of the white ones. Like, white, navy, white, navy, white.

Our bed use to be in the corner and we moved it out today. It left just enough room to use a bar stool as an end table. I have another one but it is outside in the building and it is too late to go get it. I plan to paint both of the bar stools a medium gray color. :)

Here is the before:

After new floor and paint:

Here is the room with the bed:

Here is the bed in the corner:

And here it is now:

Paint color:

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