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Persil (USA) Power-Pearls being discontinued??

6 years ago

I know many of you really like this. The last time I tried it, it was very sudsy and several loads were left with that sour vomit scent :-O

I was at Ralph's (Kroeger) this afternoon and the Power-Pearls were on closeout/final sale... HUGE jug for $5. I could not pass it up, LOL (total sickness, I know!!).

When I got home, I transferred it to an Oxo container and the labels easily and beautifully peeled off the Persil jug, and I was able to adhere them to the Oxo container...looks so good ;)

I put the full amount per the directions (1.5 oz.) into my laundry room sink and filled the sink with high pressured and HOT water. The scent is excellent (I think it smells identical to Euro Persil), but what surprised me... the suds were quite low and they collapsed almost immediately. The water was murky and very slimy :) Did Henkel/Dial make Power-Pearls good, and then pull the plug??

If anyone likes Power-Pearls....heads up!! At least at Ralph's/Kroeger, they are a done deal :(

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