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HAVES LIST for MAG Garden Swap-May 13 2017


DO post a list of the plants you HAVE on this thread. Please add Latin names and cultivar names, as applicable, if you can.

DO list any other garden stuff, such as seeds, tools, pots,
magazines, books, and gnomes, that you wish to swap or give away.
Somebody else might want it!

DO read other people's lists. If you see things you want, please
e-mail the person directly via private e-mail to arrange the trade. To
e-mail the person, click on their name at the top of their post.

DO update your lists when you think of more things you want.

DO feel free to update your member page with your Haves and Wants and
to link your post here to any Plant Exchange page you may have.

DO NOT arrange trades on this thread. Please arrange them via private e-mail.

DO NOT use this thread your Wants. That's what the Want: 2015 MAG spring swap thread is for.

DOs and DONTs for the SWAP:

DO wear a nametag.

DO label your motor vehicle with a big, visible label.

DO mark reserved plants (i.e., plants which you already arranged a trade for) so that other people do not take them by mistake.

DO label your plants. The plant labels do not need to be fancy. Popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, or masking tape are fine.

DO take plants labeled Free or Please Take.

DO ask if you are not sure whether it is ok for you to take the plants.

DO, when you leave, take home the plants you brought that nobody wanted.

DO NOT take anything marked "Reserved" or labeled for someone else.

DO NOT leave any unwanted plants for Gardengramma to have to deal with.


Answer: Yes, you can come even though you don't have any plants to
trade. Your main assignment is to bring food or other items for the pot
luck. (Chocolate-containing foods are strongly encouraged.) Please
discuss your potluck contributions at the MAG Spring Swap Food thread,
not here. Also, note that, in many cases, the reason people are bringing
these particular plants to the swap for you to take home is because the
plants are, um, vigorous. In a few years, you, too, will have
lots of plants to trade.

Happy gardening!

Comments (64)

  • posierosie_zone7a
    6 years ago

    Kimka, after a certain amount of time, the edit function goes away. Same happened to me.

  • Ann
    6 years ago

    In addition to my previous post, I have the light orange (apricot) single Chrysanthemum, Lysimachia clethroides (goose neck strife) - this does spread but is good in bare spots, Campanula pyunctata (white flowers with purple spotting), Lemon balm, Aster tataricus "Jindai", Shasta daisies, a few Chasmanthium latifolium (Northern Sea Oats), Holly seedling volunteer, Dogwood seedling volunteer.

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  • sweetsakura
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I'll have:

    New England aster (grows to 4' tall, fall flowering, most likely pink, but some may be purple)

    Penstemon digitalis 'huskers red'

    Aucuba gold dust shrub rooted cuttings (female)

    Willow-leaf helianthus

    tatarian aster

    Rudbeckia triloba (brown-eyed susan) - I can bring as much as you can handle, so if you want more than a pot's worth, just ask and I'll bring it

    mexican feathergrass (Nassella tenuissima or Stipa tenuissima)

    columbine (Aquilegia) - double purple flowers

    Rue (Ruta graveolens) - eastern swallowtail host plant

    hardy geranium

    rose campion - both pink- and white-flowered

    sedum 'blue spruce' - groundcover

    goldenrod - Solidago rugosa 'fireworks'

  • keren_md
    6 years ago

    I will bring the following -

    Weigela Java Red shrub

    Weigela Wine and Roses shrub

    Fragrant abelia shrub

    Spirea starts

    Blackcurrant starts

    Matteuccia struthiopteris (Ostrich fern)

    If there's interest I can also bring

    Crocosmia (orange)

    Kniphofia uvaria (red hot poker - mine are orange-y, not so red)

    Iris domestica (Blackberry lily, leopard lily)

    Gooseberry (green) or currant (red, white, champagne) cuttings

    baby hellebores (mostly a grape-colored winter thriller)



    bee balm (spreads!!)

    Seedling volunteers: leatherleaf mahonia, barberry, holly

  • CEFreeman_GW DC/MD Burbs 7b/8a
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Keren_md, I"d absolutely love some Weigela Java Red if you have enough.
    Kimka, I've always loved your monk's hood and could use some. It struggles here, but seedlings persist.
    Ann, I'd be interested in your caryopteris!

    I have lots of:
    Raspberry Wine monarda
    bright blue spiderwort
    Magenta spiderwort
    rose campion, pink
    TONS of ditch lilies
    Hellebores. White, some dark purple (don't ask, I don't know which)
    I can dig columbine. It's dark purple
    Northern Sea Oats (SPREADS!)
    a very pretty, bright blue aster
    Chocolate vine (gardengramma has this over her porch door and will probably be in bloom!)
    Nandina domestica (tell me. I won't dig unless someone wants them)
    Native asters with tiny white flowers. Very low-growing, great ground cover.
    Generic green hosta (fertile)
    I might be able to get some native redbud seedlings
    I will probably dig up some 'Carolina Red' crape myrtles. I have seedlings everywhere.

    As usual, more as I dig!

  • keren_md
    6 years ago

    A few more that I can dig up if requested:

    Mazus reptans

    Chelonia "hot lips"


  • nancy123
    6 years ago

    always have lots of bleeding heart. They've always been pink, but this year i have a mutant white - which must go since I am committed to the pink. ;-)

    I expect to have balloon flower volunteers by the swap, although I haven't seen them yet

    And it looks like for the first time the marigolds that I always get at the swap have successfully seeded, so I can offer seedlings this year.

    I think I'll also have zinnia seedlings - first time they've come up in time for the swap. These are the big ones, 4ft tall. They are Burpee's cut-and-come-agains

  • kimka
    6 years ago

    I've potted up a couple of suckers of my Carolina Allspice athens shrub. Its the first time I've done so and the internodes seem a little long, but they may take off and the leaves haven't wilted. It smells heavenly when the yellowish, greenish flowers are in flower: somewhere between cantaloupe and juicy fruit gum. Unlike the native (with maroon flowers,this one doesn't spread itself around.

  • kilngod
    6 years ago

    I will have some combination of these:

    Fancy: if someone specifically wants some - two variegated solomon's
    seal, a few baby curry trees (but they may not be leafed out yet), rex begonia

    Wintersown babies: Tennessee coneflower, big pumpkins fancy color heirlooms

    Flowers: rudbeckia triloba, dianthus, snowdrop anenome, ajuga, hardy
    ageratum, maybe regular bleeding heart, maybe lenten rose, maybe
    Aquilegia, maybe hay-scented fern.

    Herbs: thyme, oregano, heal-all, valerian

    Cuttings: santolina, sedums, sage

    Shrub babies: eastern bluestar (amsonia), rose of sharon, dogwood, lilac (old fashioned purple)

    Seeds: pack of bicolor hybrid sweet corn seeds, treated.

  • Ann
    6 years ago

    I notice that my epimedium (NOID with yellow flowers) is doing really well and I should have a division or two of that if anyone is interested. My epimedium rubrum has also done well and I have a small division of that as well.

  • oogy4plants
    6 years ago

    Hi Garden Friends! I am going to come to the swap this year so message me what you'd like from my list so I know what to bring. I will add updates as I find plants to trade. I'm cleaning out my neglected gardens starting with the woodland to find extra: bleeding hearts, spice bushes, woodland aster, VA creeper, mahonia- oregon grape, native flowering raspberry (looks like a magenta rose), ostrich ferns, wood poppies, VA bluebells, Geranium phaeum- maroon flowers, anemone, and catnip. More to come! -Susan

  • springplanter
    6 years ago

    HI All: So far... will probably add more later

    I can bring in quantity

    carex ice dancer variegated like liriope but deer resistant climbing hydrangea

    helebore babies purple and foetidus

    will have some:




    winter jasmine

    small hosta which will grow to solid green 10" leaves

    mini clivia white only about 15" high blossoms in September

    a few volunteer trees 6-12 inches or so - cherry , ginko bilbao redbud, others??
    will dig if anyone wants:

    lilac Ms Kim (limited)

    pachysandra in quantity

    vinca, both solid green and variegated

    Will also bring some opened seed packets

    looking forward as usual. Carol

  • shadysite
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Additions to list:

    3 crookneck squash plants grown from seed

    2 2-year old brugsmansia nurtured by my husband -- creamy yellow with pink edging -- should bloom this year but must be overwintered in garage or house

    several Black Russian Trifele tomatoes (seed from Johnny's)

    And another new offer from my tropical-loving husband

    Tropical smoke bush

    Euphorbia cotinifolia - this is very pretty, but must be sheltered in a garage or basement over the winter -- about 18 inches tall but our three year old trees are about six feet tall.

    Anyone want these? Lisa

  • madsquopper
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago


    Tall perennial verbena (Verbena bonariensis)

    Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana)

    Spiderwort (Tradescantia), mostly blues/purples

    Shasta Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum)

    Cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum)

    Cutleaf Coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata); somewhat aggressive spreader


    Helianthus 'Lemon Queen'

    Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica)

    Sedums (Weinhenstephaner Gold, Angelina, yellow flowering stonecrop, Blue spruce)

    Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum)

    Dwarf Comfrey (Symphytum grandiflorum)

    Light purple monarda

    Kalemeris Aster (very light blue)

    Beautyberry (Callicarpa) babies

    Euphorbia robbiae (nice evergreen, but spreads like a mother)

    Siberian Iris (Iris siberica), various purples and blues

    Porcupine grass (Miscanthus strictus)

    Miscanthus sinensis unknown cultivar

    Cardinal flower (lobelia cardinalis)

    Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria)

    Red Stripe Canna Lily

    Willow leaf helianthus (tall, as in 10-12 feet)

    Purple Germander (Teucrium canadense)

    Golden Hakone Grass (Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola')

    Perennial Bronze Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpurescens')



  • Gardenia
    6 years ago

    Kniphofia uvaria (red hot poker). Red, orange, yellow combo. Have 2.

    Osage Orange tree (non-edible). Received ceiling from garden grandma a couple years ago and it's doing awesome. Have 1 approx 2 1/2 feet and one 12 inch seedling.

    Day lilies - yellow

    Spiderwort: Will dig if somebody wants some

    Veggies started from seeds: Broccoli, radishes, brussels sprouts.

    I will have more just waiting for the sun to show me what I have.

    Nancy123 - I would love some of the white bleeding hearts. I couldn't send you a message because you're messaging is not enabled.


  • mattp321
    6 years ago

    I have some plants I'd like to get rid of... just not part of my plan anymore... will dig if anyone wants them:

    hosta "minuteman" (x5)

    camellia "asakura" ~24" tall now.

    encore azaela "autumn royalty" (needs some TLC/hard prune)

    Hazelnuts "Jefferson", "theta", and "eta"... these 3 are cross-pollinators so I think someone should take all 3... these are the blight-resistant ones but deer keep eating them here I think.

    im not really looking for anything in particular... actually I'm interested in some silphiums maybe, rosin weeds? Or other interesting natives for sun.


  • shadysite
    6 years ago

    Matt, we would be happy to take all three Hazelnuts. So far we dont have deer in severna Park and we are trying some permaculture here. LMK and thanks! The wax myrtle and the New Jersey tea are doing beautifully so far. The wax myrtle on the beach loooks scrawny but is putting out new leaves.


  • janetm_md
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago


    Hydrangea "Annabelle." This spreads over time so I can dig up as many shoots as there are takers. Here is a link with picture is here:

    Variegated ribbon grass=have tons. Its easy to re-locate, spreads freely, and mine is quite happy in both sun and part shade.

    Japanese Kerria= spreads by suckers, I can dig up as many as there are takers

    Hostas of various colors, sizes=big, small, variegated, blue you name it. Most of them I've lost the tags for so forget the names of.

    Variegated Solomon's Seal

  • springplanter
    6 years ago

    hI Janetm you are not message enabled, but I would love to have some of your hydrangea and if you have a blue hosta with large leaves.

    Many thanks Carol

  • Ann
    6 years ago

    Hi Janet, I would love some smaller leafed as well as blue hostas. If you have a variegated that is not like Minuteman with the white around the edge, I would be interested too. Thanks, Ann

  • kilngod
    6 years ago

    Hi Janetm, same- I'd love a hydrangea and am a hosta lover. Set up your messaging and let me know if there is anything I can bring you.

    Best joy


  • mattp321
    6 years ago

    Janetm I'd appreciate a Annabelle hydrangea also if you have one thanks

  • keren_md
    6 years ago

    Also have Artemisia absinthium, *I think*. Dug mine up in Texas where it was described as invasive. It's hardy here (6B/7A), spreads laterally but hasn't seeded in 10 years so it's been easy to control. Quite beautiful silver gray foliage, handles heat, drought, clay, rabbits and deer. Gets a little floppy in midsummer.

  • keren_md
    6 years ago

    ...might be Artemisia 'Powis Castle'

  • kilngod
    6 years ago

    I have the absinthium for sure, and will bring a bunch of cuttings. (I also have and will bring southern wormwood, which is similar.)

  • sweetsakura
    6 years ago

    I have a square black plastic compost bin to give away. I'll bring it to the swap if someone wants it.

  • kilngod
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I can dig some pussy toes, potentially trout lilies (if I can get the bulbs up), and chervil herb if anyone wants some.

  • ellicottcitycathy
    6 years ago


    gooseneck loosestrife


    sweet woodruff

    senecio aureus (sort of like doronicum?)

    plain green hosta plantagenea aka deer candy! July purple blooms

    soapwort (looks like phlox white davidii)

  • Ann
    6 years ago

    Found two very little Japanese maple seedlings that are most likely from my weeping cutleaf variety. Let me know if I should bring them.

  • Gardenia
    6 years ago

    Ann. I would love the Japanese maple seedlings please. Ronda

  • Gardenia
    6 years ago

    Elliottcitycathy - i'm cracking up with your deer candy comment

  • shadysite
    6 years ago

    HAVE: amaranth caudata seedlings, greenhouse grown and hardened by a friend.

    edible leaves and seeds, 3-6 foot tall cottage flower, attractive to bees and butterflies. Anyone interested? I've never grown it, but we do sometimes add amaranth seeds to our cereal so it's worth a try.

  • kimka
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Would anyone I've already promised a monkshood or a carolina allspice bush sprout/seeds to please email me again. I'm missing at least one name from my list for each as I start to do my actual organizing and see what isn't claimed yet.

  • Gardenia
    6 years ago

    Kimka - If all of your monkshood haven't been claimed I would love to have one. Thanks. Ronda

  • posierosie_zone7a
    6 years ago

    I have dug up my hosta. The named ones are :

    Halcyon (large - blue vase shaped)

    Guacamole (L, mostly reverted back to a big greenie - still very attractive)

    Wide Brim ( variegated with lighter green margins, mid-sized)

    Hump Back Whale (blue, extra large)

    Sum and Substance ( X large, lighter green/yellowish).

    Gold Standard

    A few unnamed ones as well - all had names, but lost the tags. Most are variegated.

    I also dug up my woodland phlox as the deer ate it to stubs.

    Size indicates full size of hosta. If divided, takes first 1-2 years to establish roots. Extra large ones can take up to 5 years.

    Message me if you would like for me to set aside.

  • bugmagnet
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Finally sent visiting family members away. So, I have not done anything for the swap. If there is interest, I will dig something up. Here are what I have:


    Epimedium (NOID, yellow flowers, leaves with red tint)

    Virginia Blue Bells

    Wood poppy

    Money Plant

    Lily of the Valley -- White or Pink

    Common Solomon's Seal

    Variegated Solomon's Seal

    Poppy (Orange)

    Raspberry (NOID)

    Iris, Bearded (NOID, Dark purple with bright yellow in throat)

    Japanese Painted Fern


    Bletilla (NOID, Hot Pink)

    Achillea -- White or Pink

    Lamb's Ear

    Clarice Sage

    Monarda 'Wild Bergamot'

    Campanula NOID -- Pink or Purple

    Calla Lily -- Pink

    Hellebores babies -- dark red or white with red specks

    Toad Lily NOID

    Strawberry Geranium (Saxifraga stolonifera)

    Creeping Jenny

    Snow in Summer (Cerastium tomentosum)


    Bells of Ireland

    Asparagus Beans

    Pole Beans - Blue Lake


    Fig 'Ischia'


  • pthiringer
    6 years ago

    Here's what I have:

    hardy geranium (pink flowers)

    helleborus foetidus (thin leaves, green flowers w/maroon

    helloborus x hybridus (a.k.a "lenten rose")

    brunera macrophylla

    garlic chives

    strawberry geranium

    bleeding heart (dicentra)

    Virgina bluebells - small seedlings

    Japanese pachysandra

    periwinkle (vinca minor)

    tall pholx (pink or white with red center)

    Japanese maple seedlings

    lemon balm

    bee balm (mondara)

    Green and Gold


    Holly seedlings

    Lamium (yellow flowers)

  • oogy4plants
    6 years ago

    Update! I can bring the following that people wanted:

    • ostrich ferns
    • bleeding hearts
    • hardy geranium- cranesbill from a previous swapper
    • Japanese anenome
    • catnip
    • mountain mint
    • hearts-a-bursting seedlings
  • gardnwatch
    6 years ago

    I will be bringing....

    Red Hot Poker plants- 3

    Russian Sage- 2 large

    French Tarragon- 2

    Aster Blue

    Japanese blood grass- clumps

    Pink Lily of The Valley

    Wood Poppy - 1

  • Ann
    6 years ago
    Would love one of your Russian safe plants and the blue aster. Thank you! Kmpsmom(Ann)
  • gardnwatch
    6 years ago

    Ann,'ve got them.

    See you at the swap.


  • burry
    6 years ago

    Kimba, I would absolutely love an elephant ear if you still have one. Burry

  • Gardenia
    6 years ago

    Gardenwatch - I would love some of the blue aster. Thank you. Gardenia(Ronda)

  • kimka
    6 years ago

    Burry, you need to enable your profile to accept messages. But I will put your name on an elephant ear.


  • burry
    6 years ago

    Thanks so much KimKa! I will try to enable my email -- thanks for telling me. I thought it was okay, but I guess not.

  • burry
    6 years ago

    I changed a message setting so anyone could message me. Is that the way to enable email? Thanks -- I couldn't find any other way to do this.

  • mattp321
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Bringing some more items looking for a good home:

    regent juneberry bushes (x2) - someone take both for x-pollination please. Aka Saskatoon aka serviceberry bush.

    rose of Sharon seedlings. These are the lavender colored ones with the darker red throat.

    sunflower "lemon queen" seedlings.

    rudbeckia goldsturm "orange coneflower"

  • posierosie_zone7a
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Update on hostas - all Humpback Whale & Halcyon divisions are taken. One division left for Guacamole.

    My friend gave me chives and tall bearded Iris (Correction - purple and cream colored ) to bring as well.

  • gardnwatch
    6 years ago

    I'm adding 3 climbing rose seedlings to my haves. They're Blazing something...pretty medium sized red roses that grow nicely along a fence.

  • gardnwatch
    6 years ago


    I would love to have some of your sunflower "lemon queen" if you have any left.

    Look to see if there's anything on my list you might want.

    Thank you,

    Bonnie Gardnwatch

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