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OK, need suggestions for a more sustainable rose garden.

seil zone 6b MI
6 years ago

I love all roses. All the classes, colors, shapes and sizes have their own beauty and charm. However, I'm getting older and tired of the battle. I only have a few OGRs but they seem to require less constant fussing with than the modern ones. So I'd like to do away with a lot of the HTs and such and get more OGRs to take their place.

Here are the requirements:

Hardiness, if it can't take my winters without extensive protection I don't want it anymore. I'm done with having to spread mulch like mad in the fall and the hours of labor it takes to get it off in the spring.

Health, I really hate spraying! It's not healthy for me or the environment I live in on the lake.

I have a very short season and really prefer things that will rebloom. I realize bloom after the first flush is always smaller but I want to see color in the garden all of my short season.

I don't have any color preferences, I love all the colors of the rainbow and roses.

Fragrance is also not a must have but would be appreciated.

I love the David Austin roses but they just aren't very healthy here and spend a lot of the season leafless. So unless you know of one that is super healthy I don't want any more of those.

I hope this isn't an impossible laundry list of wants and you can make some suggestions for me to consider.


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