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Pacifica CA Back Yard Suggestions

7 years ago

Just had several trees that fell during the terrible storms removed. Giant 7' root systems upended and ruined all of the plantings that were in place. When root balls were ground down, filled the area with sawdust and tree grindings which will take years to break down. I'm afraid that the soil won't have any nitrogen at all due to the constant breakdown of this organic material by microbes. Need some high nitrogen fertilizer for starters. Need some suggestions for what to plant on this hillside and the side area garden. Must keep in mind that this is a rental property and that the tenant, even though she is a gardener, does not want to spend all weekend on maintenance. It looks like crocosmia is on the hillside above my property. I like the fact that there are crocosmia red flowers in the spring and nice looking greenery for the majority of the year. So maybe I am looking for groundcover intersperced with bulbs? What types of flowering shrubs are relatively care-free? House is near the Manor Drive area, so lots of fog which provides moisture, house faces West. Am afraid to plant anything until sawdust and grindings have a few years to break down! Maybe best bet is to sink a few pots in the soil and put fresh soil and compost in those, and plant a few things in there for two years until sawdust completely rotted. Am stymied! I really would appreciate some help on this. Any and all answers welcome.

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