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Window repair or window replacement?

5 years ago

Hi All--

My California rental property's rear window was damaged, caused by a tree services worker hired by me to remove some trees. My tenant showed me a hole and crack (photo attached) in a window that was presumably caused by some flying wood chips from a wood chipper. Photo is terrible and will try to get better ones. Tenant says hole is thumb size and there is a piece of wood chip inside the double-paned window. Three different questions here. Question 1. When the window gets repaired or replaced how is it done? Do they take window measurements and then come out with a brand new replacement window? Or does a glazier come out and simply replace the glass in the doubled-paned outer window? Or what? Question 2. All the windows were replaced about ten years ago and I cannot remember what kind of windows they are or who the manufacturer is. Any idea of how to figure that out? Is there a place on the window itself which will reveal who it's made by? Question 3. How do I deal with the tree services company? I have not paid them yet but I want to ensure my credit doesn't get ruined by not paying them until my window is replaced/repaired. Should I pay them half? What is the best way to deal with the tree company? I plan on contacting them by phone first, then following up with an email. Any or all suggestions on what to do will be greatly appreciated, as I am on the East Coast and they are on the West. Thanks in advance.

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