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Baby fiddle fig w. mites, should I return it? treatment? pic heavy.

7 years ago

Hey All! I bought a fiddle fig yesterday. *does happy dance*

Aint she purdy!! Thoughts?

I thought I looked at it good at the store but I got home and noticed some mites on the new leaves. We had the same looking mites on our tomato plants in our garden last year and I lightly pinched the leaves to get rid of them (that's what I read online to do). That's what I did to the fig too, I was afraid to wipe it down with anything. The lady at the store told me to keep water off the leaves of they will turn brown...true? Are the mites something I can take care of at home or should I exchange it? If I can take care of it at home I'm sure there is already a forum on how to treat them, do you recommend one in particular? Do I need to do a soil/ pot change? I looked in the soil and didn't see any mite there but if they are on the leaves are they in the soil too?

Another reason I was thinking I needed to exchange this fig is bc it has some dark spots on the bottom of some leaves, and some have them on the top. I was reading on here this could be oedema from overwatering and kind of normal...Thoughts?

Also when she grows up *hopefully* will it be one plant or many? There are many (5) stalks coming out of the soil with leaves on them?

I'm excited to finally have one of these guys and extremely nervous after reading on the forum how to care or them. I will be my baby just want to make sure I'm not starting out with a "bad egg" from the start.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and comment if you do so!


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