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Help me create a pretty sitting room by day and guest oasis by night.

6 years ago

We have a room that is 9.5 feet long by 11.5 feet wide. I'd post a picture but it is currently doubling as a hodge podge office, storage, sunroom, mudroom. So, it's too embarrassing for your eyes. But, it's getting cleared out and I'm starting fresh. It's got like new carpet, Revere Pewter walls, white trim. Three windows across the back wall, and two on each side. The room is perfectly symetrical. It is located off my dining area, via French doors. It's also sunken, due to the fact that it was once been a screened in porch.

I'd like to make it a pretty sitting room, that could be converted to a comfortable guest room for my aging parents when the visit. They usually stay 1 or 2 nights at a time, about once a month.

I had a queen sized pullout sofa that had an air inflated mattress top in their before but that matress is shot. Do they make such things as a queen daybed? Any other options for furniture that converts to a comfortable bed, that isn't an eye sore and won't take up the entire footprint of the room? I hate to put them on an air mattress in their 70s but am open to hearing about any that are especially comfortable, and standard height. I think two twin options could work too, if there are large comfortable armchairs that could potentially convert to a twin bed.

Anyone have experience with this portable air mattress from Frontgate?

By day, I'm thinking just two sitting chairs and a table. Small enough that I can lift and /or move when I need to make room for a bed.

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