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Is local news the same everywhere?

7 years ago

I've gotten to where I only watch the local news if we could have bad weather.

"Breaking news! A stabbing! A shooting! A suspicious package!"

Or my favorite, "A grandmother was robbed, got run over by a reindeer!" Why not "A woman was robbed?" Every one of our local stations say grandmother. I'm a grandmother and I certainly don't feel elderly which is what they're implying. Or do we deserve more sympathy?

Our NBC affiliate have all blondes delivering their 4, 5, 6, and 10:30 news.

Our ABC affiliate decided to have yet another full hour newscast at 9am weekday mornings. WHY?? I like morning TV, it's on in the background. But more stabbings, shootings and robbed grannies? WHY?

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