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Anyone have Natural Finish Brazilian Cherry/Teak? Indusparquet?

6 years ago

I have been researching wood floors for my new build and have recently ventured to exotics. I am particularly drawn to the Brazilian Cherry, for looks and price. I have read everything about how it WILL change color and just wondering if anyone has this type of flooring and if the color change was ok?

I also really like the Brazilian Teak and its within my budget too. Plus I like a lot of the features of Teak.

I need the flooring for 3 floors so am considering doing engineered everywhere, in speaking with flooring stores in my area its advisable because of our summer humidity.

The company my flooring store uses is Indusparquet, wish I could afford the some of the hand scraped which is normally not my style but I think the floors look gorgeous on the website-

Hoping someone has a review of either wood:)

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