Make America safe again...

Annie Deighnaugh

Since t-rump became pres, I'm feeling safer already.

His budget makes deep cuts to rail security, airport security including the TSA which will be cut by 11%. It cuts coast guard funding by $1.3 Billion.

And he'll add $54 Billion to the military that already outspends the next 8 countries combined.

How many tanks would've prevented 9/11? How much artillery would've prevented the Boston Marathon bombing? How many troops did it take to bring the Charleston shooter to justice?

But he'll spend billions building a wall between us and our ally and trading partner to the south.

Perhaps if t-rump ever bothered to read or learn any history, he may have heard of the Maginot line. Ask France how that worked out...

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Oh, right.

If you are a white man in the south, you are probably much safer

If you are a women or a person of color, or Jewish it's not likely you'll feel safer for at least 4 more years.

A man assumed a store’s Indian owners were Muslim. So he tried to burn it down, police say.

Hate crimes reported in D.C. are up

Hate crime rising, report activists at Illinois attorney general's summit

Hate Crimes in US Rising, Particularly in Big Cities

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Nothing Left to Say

And his EOs on refugees, et al are making people hate us and handing terrorists a recruiting tool. I feel less safe.

I called my congress people last week and told them that spending money to build a wall while defunding the Coast Guard is asinine.

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Make America great again. Impeach Trump.

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They don't need a wall just jail the employers.

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