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Need help with furniture placement in my family room

Vicki LaPinta
6 years ago

I need help from all you decorators.... Hubbie and I are doing a little redecorating. We just changed all our floors on the first floor of our home.

We want to get new furniture in the living room. This room is off our kitchen and has a large fireplace. We have a sectional which I am looking to replace with either another sectional or couches and chairs. We are not sure how to arrange the furniture. I always felt with the sectional all the furniture is pushed against the wall in a small area. I am not sure this is the best way to do it. Both the walls by the sectional are 102" and I can go slightly passed both walls. The one opening goes into the kitchen and the other one is the entrance to the house and the hallway. The TV is being mounted in the corner above where it is now, We won't have a tv stand on the floor. Please help me figure out what is the best layout for this room. I have taken several photos. Any opinions are really appreciated.

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