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Starting seeds indoors, shade/part shade seeds flowers?

Z Man
6 years ago

Hey all,

So these days I've living in a great apartment with a big problem! The balcony is totally northern facing here in the PNW! I'm working on a nice seed growing setup in a spare bedroom and looking for help on ideas of what to sow. I am looking for primarily flowers that will be do well in shade (I don't even know if any direct sun will ever hit the balcony in the summer). I will also flowers/plants that are part-shade tolerant just to see what I can get away with. So, any ideas of flowers that are shade tolerant/shade loving that bloom first year or are annuals?

I'm going to do tuberous begonias and possibly caladiums but in this post I'm looking for what seeds I can start that I'll love! Just to give you an idea, the thought of growing coleus from seed bores me to tears LOL. I know it would be easier if I just liked leaves but I do like my flowers!

Thanks all!


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