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Need help on master bedroom and bath layout

7 years ago

Hi! I'm working on new
floor plans and was hoping to get some feedback. Currently, the master bathroom
is very small and the hall bathroom has the back of a brick fireplace in it.
I'm removing the fireplace to gain some space in the hall bathroom, and will take
down some walls in the master bedroom area to enlarge the master bath and add a
walk-in closet. I’m open to moving plumbing and walls around (nothing is load bearing).

are the existing and proposed layout. My initial thought is that the master closet
is bigger than I need and the size of the toilet closet seems quite generous. And the aisle space between the shower and vanity is very narrow. Trying
to figure out a way to maximize the space, possibly putting the shower stall where the toilet closet is (but then I’m stumped in terms of where to put the toilet and double vanity
- I’m okay with splitting the vanity into 2 single vanities).

Any thoughts or
ideas are greatly appreciated!! Exiting:


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