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Lowest Maintenance Bathroom Ideas?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

The master bath has granite counters and a tiled shower.

I have had to get the grout touched up in sections every few years and I had it fully regrouted once a year ago so it would all match again. It is the original 4 inch tiles from the builder, so there is a lot of grout.

The granite countertop needs babying and repeated resealings to keep it from getting stained with liquid hand soap and water.

I'm tired of both of these things and want to remodel with durable and low maintenance surfaces everywhere this time.

I want counters that don't need sealing or any other special care and that are very easy to clean.

I don't want to ever regrout the shower again. Is there not a "lifetime" grout product for showers that doesn't wear out or erode with use? If not, I don't want tile in the shower again.

The people who regrouted say I could make the shower grout last longer by squeegeeing the walls and shower floor, then towel drying the remaining moisture after each use. I'm not interested in that.

What are the best surfaces and installation types for lowest maintenance and ease of cleaning?

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