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Help Needed for Foundation landscape and Front Yard

Brad H
6 years ago

Hoping for some assistance/ideas for our front yard. We moved in just over a year and half ago and been working on landscaping the backyard and now it's time for the front yard. Most importantly working around a hideous A/C unit. Who puts an AC unit right in the front yard?? To have this moved it would cost upwards of $2K, seeing it's an old unit not a risk we want to take. So will need to work around it.

I've added some ornamental grasses and a "screen" to hide the A/C unit. I've also built an "island" in the front yard to draw your attention away. We would like to get rid of the small pines on each side of the steps. Not something I like but the one hides the gas pipes and meter.

My current thought is to build out the build in from a bit more. Add some hydrangea (ever blooming) and possibly a Limelight hydrangea tree on one side of the steps or both. Likely add in some boxwoods to hide the gas meter. The whole area gets morning sun until about 11am or 12pm each day. I have window boxes for the two upper windows and the large window in the front but undecided if that is TOO much??

Right now the focus is to the left of the steps then will focus on the other side. To the right of the steps and in front of the sidewalk leading to the house are alzaleas.

Any help, thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are doing this on a budget of course. We are in Northern VA, which I believe is zone 6b-7.

Thank you!


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