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Please help me ID these succulents; caring tips needed

HawObsession VN
6 years ago

Hello from Vietnam,

Today I have bought these two adorable ^^, but I have no clues about their identities. The first plant appears to be an echeveria, and I wonder whether it is a Perle von Nürnberg.

The other one I can't figure it out ^^! Is it an echeveria (the flowers are bell-shaped), too?

The plants sit in regular soil, which is highly water-retentive, so I have repotted both. Here is my mix: 1 part perlite, 1 part scoria, and akadama (lesser proportion).

Please give me some feedback on the growing medium.

Their root systems look thin, hence I wonder whether that is their roots' characteristics or abnormal signs of lacking aeriation in the previous soil. (I have soaked the roots to wash the dirt out)

Thank you in advance ^^!

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