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SOS I think I'm slowly killing all of my succulents! Please help!

Hey Everyone! :)

I am new here and this is my first time posting on the forums so I hope I am doing this correctly.

I bought my first succulent on Feb. 4th. I only watered it once and kept it indoors (in the dining room). I have always heard that succulents were resilient and easy to keep alive and since my first one seemed to be doing well, on Feb. 15th, I bought 9 more succulents. I watered all 9 and left them alone in their pots (I never repotted any of the 10). About 2 days later, I checked up on the first succulent I bought and saw the bottom leaves were very juicy and yellow and hidden in the soil were two brown/black leaves that had fallen off and were growing some sort of white fuzziness (fungus?). So I removed her from the soil, decapitated it as instructed by various youtube videos, and I am letting the stem callous and grow roots. As for my other succulents, it turns out I had overwatered them too (the soil was drenched) *deep sigh*. I rushed to Home Depot to buy a large pot (to fit all of them), and cactus soil. I ended up having a repotting party in my bathroom at 11pm as I pleaded with them to hang on. About two days later, I bought three more succulents that were heavily hit by rain (this might have been a bad idea). I added them to the pot (kept in the bathroom) and they all seemed to be happy and thriving. One of my succulents had a flower bud that was slowly starting to open up. I was pretty excited about this until “something” happened. It suddenly started to die without ever blooming. That’s when I noticed the bottom of the succulent was…squishy. UGH. I don’t understand how it was okay from Feb 15th- 23rd but then suddenly started to die on the 24th. Last night, I ended up taking out all the succulents out of the pot and put them in a cardboard box. As I did this, I found a few yellow plump leaves (some that were new growth). I obviously do not have a green thumb nor am I very knowledgeable on succulents but is it possible that they retained so much water when I watered them that they were still drinking even after I changed the soil and repotted them? What should be my next step? What can I do to keep them alive? I have included a few pictures. I'd appreciate any input! Thank you in advance! :)

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