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Need Help with Landscaping and Help to Identify a Tree

6 years ago

I need your help on landscaping front of this house, helping out my friends. They moved into this house two years ago and it is time to do some landscaping work.

House is located in Central Florida with zoning 9b. The front of the house faces North.

We are thinking leaving green bush on the right and cutting down two trees which are growing close to the house. They do bring some privacy and they like that. So they haven't decided their fate yet. We even don't know what kind of trees they are. I am going attach pictures maybe someone recognize it.

My house is facing West so I can't give them a good idea of what to plant.

They do have seasonal allergies so we need to chose wisely. At the nursery they told them to get Boxwood and Azalea.

What's your suggestions?

Cut the trees or not?

What plants are good for north facing house and little blooming or no blooming?

I appreciate your feedback.

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