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Fake or real stone swimming pool?

Hey guys.. I have another swimming pool ? (everyone was very helpful w/ my last question and we decided against the auto cover)

We're looking at this for our design. Lots of boulders incorporated b/c we want it to look like a natural lagoon:

These are a few of my inspiration pictures:

My pool builder is encouraging the use of real stone, although he says he can do either real or fake. He thinks we should do real b/c we already have water features in our yard with real stone and the fake stone is likely to look more fake next to those.

However, if you we do real stone, it has to start on the edge of the pool. If we do fake stone, it can be carried through to under the water line. My PB also said that many of my inspiration pics on my full Pinterest board all use FAKE stone to achieve the look.

He says it is up to me and I can do either.

What would you do? Does anyone have a fake stone pool ? How does it look ?

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