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anyone use NAPA Oil Absorbent #6040 instead of #8822??

7 years ago

went to napa store today and had to order #8822 (they don't stock it).. i can not find turface around here. the salesman offered me #6040, oil absorbent and i said "no, i need #8822." so, came home and looked up what he offered me and it's the same thing that "bonsai jack" sells for his turface... !! 40lbs for $10!! #6040... anyone else use this instead of #8822?? everything i read on here suggests #8822...

of course i ordered 2 bags and i am obligated to buy it, he said to me "your not going skip town on me are you??"... but i would rather have the other b/c you get more for less!!

#8822 comes in 24qrt bag for $8.69... i would think 24qrt is less than 40lbs???

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