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Loose Dog Attacked My Dog- Help With Advice

6 years ago

I've had bichons for 20 years now and have always been far more aware of my surroundings because of their size, and always on guard to protect them from wandering dogs.

Today, it happened.

This morning, our bichon was bit-attacked- by a neighbor's dog who got loose.

Neighbor was aware her dog got loose and had been searching all over for 30 minutes before her dog came upon my husband walking our lab mix and bichon, on leash.

Our bichon was attacked on his rear end, and got punctures on his butt and left rear leg. DH rushed him to our wonderful Vet office where he was treated with sedation, wound irrigation, drains inserted and sutures.

Thank GOD the bite wounds were not deep and didn't puncture his bone, muscle or organs.

Our bichon will be on antibiotics and other meds for pain and inflammation, and will need follow up care over the next 2 weeks before everything is removed.

Now, the dog owner came right over and apologized profusely, offered to pay, said her dog is up to date with all shots and gave her info. She was very upset and I feel for her!

#1) Now that we've stopped shaking, we're going to call the owner to get her dog's shot records. Trust but verify and all that.

#2) We'll have to talk about reimbursement and my sense is that it's better to tell the owner that we'll wait until ALL care is done and our bichon is discharged from care for this attack.

#3) Reporting- I know I will, as I should, even when the owner said this has never happened. And I believe her, I really do. However, this attack was completely unprovoked and her dog went form my bichon with DH RIGHT THERE, as well as our lab, who is about 70#. Plus, the dog just went for it and bit, shook and pulled.

I shudder to think if my bichon was attacked on the other end!

But of course, I feel bad that these owners will face their dog having a record, which will lead to them incurring costs and follow up once their dog is registered as dangerous. It might even lead to surrender, I don't know what they'll choose to do.

It's just that had that dog crossed my little bichon's path without anyone around, I'm sure the worst would have ensued. The attack was just so unprovoked and done with such intent.

So, let me have your thoughts and advice if you've been through this. I'm shaken and upset for my dog, and I'm upset at the prospect of having to report someone's pet.

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