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x-post Help for a Yellow Sunroom

6 years ago

Cross posting from Paint since it seems color questions get posted both places!

My husband and I painted our southwest facing sun room last fall and our attempt at a soft, buttery yellow is going to get a redo. It looks ok, if strong, during the day with shades up and natural light pouring in, but when we turn on the lights at night or have the shades down (which we often do!) , it is way too strong and has a neony-green look to it. We've tried a multitude of light bulbs and it's helped reduce the green but not enough. The color is Sunflower Seed by Behr. Looking at it now, I don't know how we ever thought it would work. I think when we first started, we thought we wanted a much stronger yellow to replicate a sun room we saw house hunting. However, that house also had bold color throughout. Warm browns and greens - whereas we are doing softer colors like Grey Owl and Rainwashed. So a strong yellow doesn't really "fit", imo.

Here are a couple photos - one during the day with shades closed and lights off. As a note, the adjacent room(s) is now BM Gray Owl which I love. So I would like this yellow to be similarly easy on the eyes. While the room has several windows plus a patio door, it's often closed as my spouse has his computer in there and wants to reduce glare. It probably won't always be that way.

daytime, shades closed

evening, lights on. This is a fairly "kind" photo. To the right of the photo is another solid wall and the two together make for a lot. Eventually we'll have things hung on that walls which would help, but we still think the color is too much, regardless.

Here is a link to how I would like the color to look -

The other two pictures show colors we are currently considering. From l to r, BM Mushroom Cap, Pale Moon, and Weston Flax. I am concerned that Mushroom is too peach/orange and spouse thinks Pale Moon is too yellow/lacking warmth. We both agree that Weston Flax is too lemony/lacking warmth.

I would love suggestions on other colors (preferably BM as I like how their colors have worked for us thus far) that we could consider. I am thinking of getting a sample of RH Butter as it seems to have good comments. We have a sample of Windham Cream and it is too pale.

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