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Weeds in new sod, need help with a plan!

David Chappell
5 years ago

Howdy members, first post in awhile here. I plan on spending a decent amount of time here and hope to share some of what I have learned with other members.

New house with new Bermuda TIF sod laid in November. With the weather we have been having in Central, TX (Austin) it is starting to green up. I am starting to get some weeds showing up in the sod and in the seams between.

Can someone give me some pointers on how to control these weeds and a basic overall healthy strategy throughout the rest of the year? I have done some research on this forum and I am not seeing a whole lot of help the applies to new sod specifically (unless it's the same strategy as established grass?).

Here are some pics to show overall grass condition and closeup of the weeds. Thanks a ton in advance, looking forward to getting my lawn established and looking great!


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