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Shade to part-sun privacy hedge to replace red tips

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hello from San Antonio,

Our backyard has a beautiful, solid wall of 10-15' tall pittosporum and red tips that provide much needed privacy from close neighbors. Unfortunately, the red tips have fungal leaf spots and I suspect they will start to die despite my best efforts to treat and prevent the disease. I've also lost one pittosporum (possibly some fungus or root rot) and I suspect others may follow.

I plan on staying away from both species as replacements become necessary. But I really want to keep the green-wall look of evergreen hedges along our fence line. About half of the fence is shade ( dappled sun through oak canopy), and another half is part-sun. I would like something that can be maintained at about 10-15' height in a hedge shape blending with its neighboring plant. I like the idea of a "tapestry" hedge of different plants, but I am also fine with uniformity.

Drought tolerance would be great, but I do have drip irrigation and can water these hedges as frequently as needed. The soil is alkaline and also doesn't have the best drainage (hence my suspicion of root-rot killing the pittosporum). Native plants would be a plus.

I'd like to stay away from bamboo. My wife, for some reason, doesn't like the look of hollies either. The faster growing, the better.

To summarize my requirement:

1. Shade to part-sun

2. ~10-15' height that can tolerate pruning to hedge shape

3. evergreen

4. drought tolerant (but I have drip irrigation)/Zone 9a

5. disease resistant

6. alkaline soil

7. No bamboo, hollies, or crepe myrtles.

8. Medium to fast growth.

Given all that, can any of you wonderful people help me with suggestions? Thanks!

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