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Air plants (Tillandsia)

This big air plant (species unknown) is preparing to bloom.

It's the section to the left, which has grown/shown up in the year I've had it.

It's not touching the soil, just looks like it from that angle. It's wedged between trunks of several Dracaena trees. There's some Spanish moss too (another Tillandsia) but it may not still be alive when pot goes back outside, it's getting too dry.

I have another one, T. ionantha, that lives on the trunk of another Dracaena tree. It's been there for 4 yrs. This is the best I could do to catch its' bloom. It looked like this for about a month, I never could catch the actual flower sticking out.

The oldest section is fading away, but making a lot of roots on its' way out, that are, finally after a few years, attached to the tree trunk.

This third one, species also unknown, lives on a Ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa.) Had for about a year.

Do you have air plants? If so, I'd love to see them!

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