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Glass Greenhouse; Good Idea or Bad Idea?

I have a lot of 3' x 4' panes of glass, and was thinking of making a small greenhouse with them (something like 8 x 12 x ??? height ... not tall, maybe like 7'). The panes of glass are 3-4mm thick (I haven't measured the thickness, but somewhere in that range).

Would those panes of glass likely make a good greenhouse? They were originally house windows, those 4-pane sliding kind. The structure would probably just be welded together, and the glass panels would be bolted in / sealed. I'd probably make one or more of the roof panels movable so it's not an oven in the summer.

If it's plausible to grow plants through the winter, without destroying my utility bill, that'd be nice, but I'd probably just use it as a staging area in the very early spring for pre-growing plants for the summer (tomatoes, who knows what else), and a sitting area in the summer if it's raining or something.

I don't even know what I would want to put in it, but I just thought it'd look nice. Didn't want to waste the time only to find out cheap plastic panels would actually work better.

I live in Windsor, Ontario ... so Zone 7a I think, if that's even the zone numbering that people use.

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