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Please help rein in bathroom remodel budget!

6 years ago

Due to structural problems underneath our master bathroom that required the ceiling being removed, plus plumbing leaks, we are needing to get this bathroom remodel design done ASAP.

I am struggling with where to draw the line on budgeting. Pretty much everything is getting redone in this house (kitchen just completed, floors next, etc). We are most likely staying here at least 7 years so we are designing for ourselves with a little bit of an eye towards resale - wanting it to be nice but this will never be a fancy house and the neighborhood market does not support support particularly high end. For example, our kitchen remodel took it from a 2 to an 8 but it is an IKEA kitchen (which I love).

We are happy with our current contractor. Still waiting on the quote for the bathroom labor but we are pretty sure we are sticking with him. Regarding fixtures, I'd like to get a read on which of our quick choices fall in the range of "splurge" vs. "average."

Bathroom will be a full gut. Everything is staying in the same place except tub will be freestanding and centered under the window - moving the faucet and drain but plumber already reviewed and said that's fine (especially b/c ceiling below is open). Our known splurge is glass shower enclosure.

Are these items/prices in line with what is reasonable for a fun, modern design that stays well below "luxury?" Or, should I keep shopping?

Possible tub ($949):;

Possible vanity ($1,300):

Possible exhaust fan/heater ($200):

IKEA High Cabinet example ($500 - $750): We do love IKEA and want to regain some storage here from another project that removes part of a linen closet. That's why we are thinking of using a kitchen high cabinet.

Also, I have a hard time figuring out what range of $$ I should look at for tile. We want to tile the whole wall behind shower/toilet and then over to back of shower and down below window. That's about 100 sq ft of tile. I don't want to knock down the budget and miss our chance for something awesome but I don't want to go crazy, either. Max $10/ft seem reasonable? Keeping the tile wall is a pretty high priority b/c I love that look and lean towards interesting tile.

Floor tile throughout is about 100 sq feet minus the shower. We saw a pic with gray herringbone but pre-made herringbone patterns were running $25+ in our quick look at one store. Does that indicate that this is a pattern that is going to run high in labor costs? This is an example of an idea we could drop.

I'm open to any suggestions! About three years ago, we redid both bathrooms in our other house before moving so I'm not TOO out of date in what to expect but those were smaller. Thank you!

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