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Connecting wire with ground, to wire with no ground

6 years ago

I have a small chandelier that I need to rewire but I cannot open it to work on it from the inside. It has its wires cut close to the fixture, so in order to rehang it, I need to connect the cut ends to new wire. I figured that I will use electrical tape and connect the wires of the new cord to the old ends - white to white, black to black. The connection will be visible, so I want to make it as minimal as possible. It will be high up so no one can pull on it, and hanging on a chain rather than the wire, so there will be no weight on the connection. My issue is that the chandelier originally has three wires, one of which is ground. The new cable I have already purchased is twisted cloth covered cable - it's vintage inspired, therefore there is no ground wire. How do I connect the two cables together? I know it's not to code, but will it be sufficient to connect the two hots and the two neutrals together, wrapping the connections individually in electrical tape, and just leave the ground wire on the side by them, just covering the whole thing with electrical tape? Thank you to anyone who can offer advice!

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