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Has anyone here ever had a problem with this PEST? Sudden leaf loss?

5 years ago

This is a new one for me...I was loosing many vines and leaves on my most favorite Hoya for weeks and could not figure out why. I saw no pests and my watering habits have always been superb..

I decided to take the plant out of the pot after months of being indoors and guess what I saw??????????? ROOT MEALY! Yup. Masses and clumps of mealy bug within the roots slowly eating the roots away! Mind you, I have several other Hoya close by and saw some sticky sap on their leaves..

So I treated them all in the bathtub the this past weekend with a good systemic and spray all the leaves over to every plant in my plant room. Washed every thing down and now not a leaf had died since then. What a surprise I never expected!

I hope knowledge of this helps some other friends here that wonder why their plants are slowly dying...


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