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Looking for Advice - Honey Oak, paint/stain, granite??

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I am looking to renovate my kitchen on a budget. I know I want to replace my blue countertops and have estimates for 2500 installed for base-level granite. I am looking at something like giallo ornamental.

I also, like everyone it seems, dislike my honey oak cabinets. I have used general finishes gel stain before and am debating staining the cabinets. I got an estimate for painting and it was way beyond my budget (3600$ and hoping to spend 1500 or less).

I am also planning to sell the house within 5 years and have to think about resale.
What would you recommend for renovating on a budget? Gel stain (java or another color or is that out of style for resale?) or leave them (does anyone actually like oak) and put on pulls? Thanks for any ideas!!!

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