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Kitty Litter Box Problems

6 years ago

We have five cats. Maverick is 11 months old. He started using the floor after a litter change and even though we changed back, he didn't consistently use his box.

I had read some advice online about confining a cat to retrain. We confined him to our hall bath. He continued to use the litter box inconsistently. Finally I wondered if changing the surface of the floor would help. I bought towels and taped them to the floor. It worked! He used the litter box every time. I had read that 30 days was the minimum for this retraining. We left him in for 60 days.

On Sat. we decided that we had to find out at some point and so we let him out. A bit later, he pooped on the floor near one of the litter boxes. Sunday he did it again, this time outside my craft room. Monday morning I woke up to find that he'd peed in the floor outside the craft room. I cleaned it again and put towels down in that spot as well. This morning we had a water leak in our hall bath. I moved the litter box I'd left in there into the hall and saw Maverick get in and use it. Tonight when I got home DH reported that Maverick had done well. I was going into the hall bath to check it when I saw it - the towels had slid apart and Maverick had pooped on the floor between them.

Three vets that we've talked to agree that we're doing everything right. We have multiple litter boxes (at one time there were eight because I put one in every spot that Maverick had used). We've tried Feliway spray and diffuser. We've tried the Cat Attract litter. The boxes are scooped twice daily. He's know the other cats since birth, so there was no introduction of a new cat to cause this. He's neutered and has been checked thoroughly by a vet for health issues. We tried amitriptyline and he's now on Prozac. The floor is always thoroughly cleaned with an enzyme cleaner when he uses it. We've changed to an unscented litter. (A litter change was the catalyst for this behavior so we are wary of changing to crystals or anything like that). We can't figure out why Maverick usually uses the litter box but then will decide not to. We are thankful that he's not using the floor every tim. The vets are even perplexed.

We were sure that confining him and retraining would fix this, but it hasn't. The vet has now suggested getting an appointment with a behavior specialist. He almost always goes near a door or at least a wall, never just out in the middle of the floor. And it's usually close to a litter box. Has anyone tried this? Or have any other suggestions?


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