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Spring is here, or so they think!

John 9a
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

After the nasty freeze we had early in the month (I got temps down around 25F two nights in a row), we are having some REALLY gorgeous weather with highs in the low 70s and it's supposed to last at least through the first week or so in February.

My yard trees and even the wrens don't read very well so they haven't noticed the calendar is still set on January. February is usually our coldest month. Here are a few photos I snapped this evening.

Blood orange leaves budding out

Sweet lime flower buds

Calamondin flowers

Meyer lemon leaf buds

Ponderosa lemon leaf and flower buds

And a few non-citrus...

Fig leaves budding out

Rose leaves ready to be zapped by the next heavy frost. (We are supposed to prune roses back in February!)

An early bird (wrens) making a nest

So I'm also thinking spring and I wanted to put a little mulch around a plum and a few other trees and ran across some Back To Nature Cotton Burr Compost. It's a Texas product so I don't know where it's available but it sure looked good and was about $7 for a 2 cu. ft. bag.

Happy Spring Y'all!

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