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Obsessed with Kordes!

SoFL Rose z10
5 years ago

I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I think I am actually over my Austin craze and on to my new (and better) obsession. I'm now obsessed with disease resistant roses that will thrive in my growing conditions, and guess who else is obsessed with health and vigor? Kordes!!

After replacing many of my disease prone roses with healthier varieties, I'm really starting to become a huge fan (ahem, obsessed) with Kordes roses. Of all my new favorite roses this year, all (except one) are by kordes.

Anyone who has followed my threads (or my blog) will know that I'm obsessed with Wedding Bells and Plum Perfect. These two roses have blown me away with their health and incredible blooms.

Beverly is one who's fragrance and vigor is next to none. Cream Veranda and Solero Vigoroso amaze me with their bloom production and bloom size for such small plants. Roxy Vigoroso is also my new obsession. Its adorable, perfectly formed miniature little old-fashioned blooms are just the cutest!

Lavendar veranda is also a beauty.

The only ones I've been meh about are Sunny Sky (wont bloom), Summer Romance, (wont bloom) and Raspberry Vigorosa (has bloomed very little on a pretty large plant (too much plant to bloom ratio, imo)). But no breeder is perfect and when they hit it out of the park, the rewards are really worth it. Its almost as if you can ACTUALLY GROW HEALTHY ROSES IN FLORIDA!

I'm obsessed!

Right now I've got Earth Angel and Savannah in "testing" as both are young and have not bloomed much (EA is very vigorous, but compact and well behaved).

Next on my list is Florentina, Jasmina (those two are coming from Edmunds soon) & I have my eye on Karl Ploberger at RU.

Any other suggestions?

I'm staying away from their Fairy Tale collection as they tend to turn into monsters here (I have elegant FT and it rarely blooms for me but is 9 feet tall).

I would love to hear from you southerners or warm climate gardeners on what Kordes disease resistant roses have stolen your hearts!!

(And PS, for those curious, that one favorite rose this year that was not bred by Kordes was The Faun. :))

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