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Evaporative Pad System Limitations

5 years ago


I am considering using an evaporative pad system to help cool a small factory building, however I am having trouble finding the information about performance for these walls at this size. I have been looking at systems similar to this...;gs_cooling_fans-gs_evaporative_coolers;pg108997.html

From my reading, it seems that the standard air flow for the evaporative pads is no more than 350 cfm per square foot with a static pressure of 1/8".
The building is roughly 40' x 60', and we have an exhaust system that will vent 600,000 cfm. From these numbers, it seems we would need over 1700 square feet of evaporative pads, which we don't quite have room for. Has anyone had experience pushing more than 350 cfm per square foot through one of these "waterwalls"? If so, what is the highest cfm that you reached? And what effect did it have on the static pressure?


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